Automated Drop Tensiometer

Automated Drop Tensiometer

SKU : Tracker
Brand : Teclis

The Tracker is a drop tensiometer which can measure the following characteristics:

  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Contact angle (advancing /receding angle )
  • Viscoelastic modulus
  • Coefficient of rigidity
  • CMC (with CMC option)

The Tracker can be motorized if those regulations are needed for:

  • Volume/Area Drop regulation
  • Oscillations (determine the Interfacial viscoelastic modulus)
  • Other regulations such as pulse profile or compressions

Measurement is based on a drop and bubble shape analysis. Data obtained are treated in real time by a software solution thanks to images calculation (25-50 images/s).
The drop/bubble formation is done by the software solution (manually or automatically depends on the kind of instrument chosen)

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